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A teleprompter or teleprompter online, which is also commonly known as an Autocue or a promoter, refers to a device that helps presenters maintain direct contact with the audience while still being able to have access to the text they need to read out loud.

How to Use this Prompt as Teleprompter Online

This is a free online teleprompter that allows you to edit the text right on the page. Your work will save automatically when you leave the page. If you’re using an iPad, you can add a shortcut to your home screen for full-screen awesomeness. There are some keyboard shortcuts you can use to make your experience swifter and smoother. The keyboard shortcuts are as follows:

  • Up: Increases Font Size
  • Down: Decreases Font Size
  • Left: Slows Down Teleprompter
  • Right: Speeds Up Teleprompter
  • Space: Starts / Stops Teleprompter
  • Escape: Resets Everything

Finally, efforts have been made to ensure the text will be easy to read. So if you are pasting text from a Microsoft Word document, it’ll be edited to make sure your work is easy to understand.

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free teleprompter online

How was he created the Teleprompter?

The teleprompter dates back to 1948, an old device that was first conceived by Hubert Schafly. It has been a more efficient replacement for cue cards that were used in live acting. With the help of the teleprompter, presenters no longer have to worry about consulting their notes or memorizing the messages they want to pass across, or sounding stiff. The messages are no longer interrupted and can be spoken naturally.

In recent times, Teleprompters have become more widely used, from being used in scripted video production by video bloggers, PowerPoint presentations, religious activities, etc. There is no shortage in the demand for teleprompters. However, they write more traditionally used by television presenters and public speakers, politicians, etcetera, who wanted to come across as sincere and agreeable while maintaining eye contact with their audience.

How does a Teleprompter online work?

For a teleprompter to work, it requires a reflective screen that is placed in front of the camera lens without projecting into the camera and a monitor. The monitor displays a mirrored version of the text, which is reflected onto the screen in front of the camera lens for the presenter to speak out loud. The reflective glass is called beam-splitter glass. This is because it splits the light beams so that words that the person reading the teleprompter can see the reflected words on the camera lens but, the camera itself cannot see the words.

The teleprompter is usually operated by a crewmember who ensures that the words continue running at a steady pace for the presenter, but it is sometimes run wirelessly by the person using it.

Types of Teleprompters

When searching for the perfect teleprompter for you, there are so many things to factor in, like the quality of the product, the cost, performance, features, etc. All of these would help you make up your mind on what type of teleprompter to purchase. More importantly, knowing the application of the teleprompter and the types that are available in the market is another piece of information you should arm yourself with.

There are three main types of teleprompters available: camera-mounted, presidential, and floor or stand teleprompters.

Camera-Mounted Teleprompter

Camera-Mounted Teleprompter is the most commonly used type on media. It reflects the text on a pane of glass placed in front of the camera lens without the words appearing on the camera. This type of teleprompter makes it possible for the presenter to look directly into the camera while reading the script at the same time.

Camera-Mounted Teleprompters work best in situations where there are no live audiences that the speaker has to address but instead all of their focus is aimed at the audience or viewers watching on the television.

Presidential Teleprompter

Presidential teleprompters feature two mirrors that are made of beam-splitter glass, mounted on two separate stands. The mirrors are angled at 45 degrees with a monitor underneath each of them that reflects the texts off the mirror. The texts can only be seen by the person who is speaking because of the anti-reflexive coating on the rear of the mirror. They are referred to as presidential because they are often chosen during presidential speeches since they work well with live audiences. The speaker usually uses two of the teleprompters with one on either side of them.

The advantage the presidential teleprompter offers is that the speaker does not have to consult their notes when diverting their speech. The teleprompter makes it seem like the speaker speaks the words from the memory, instead of the teleprompter. With this, It ensures that the speaker looks as natural as possible and has no risk of losing or forgetting lines from the speech.

The presidential teleprompter can be used with or without a camera. Because the speaker did not need to look at the camera, the cameraman will be able to video the speaker from all angles when they are not looking in the mirror.

Floor or Stand Teleprompter

A floor or stand teleprompter rests on a stand sits at an angle on the ground or hangs at the back of the room. Despite being as effective as camera-mounted and presidential teleprompters, the floor or stand teleprompter may distract the speaker’s attention from the audience because of their positioning. It is the least likely to be used of all the three types of teleprompters as the others allow the speaker to focus both on their texts and the audience.

free teleprompter online

Advantages of using a teleprompter online

There are many benefits that come with having a teleprompter on set. The first and most important is that presenters are no longer obliged to speak their lines from memory or break off unnaturally as was seen with cue cards. Now, presenters can remain focused on the camera without worrying about forgetting their lines and composure.

Another reason why they are so beneficial is that because of the emergence of the teleprompter, presenters are no longer tasked with the unbearable pressure of avoiding mistakes, filler words and other unnecessary words during presentations. Because of this, production time and costs are minimized since there are fewer takes in between due to lack of error.

It becomes easier to stay on-topic without worrying about veering off and losing your audience. Teleprompters will also make it possible to avoid going over the time allotted, especially during conferences and live gatherings, because your speech is timed accordingly and there are fewer errors to be made.

It also helps to avoid unnecessary repetitions and make certain that all the important information is handled and presented with accuracy.

Disadvantages of using a teleprompter normal or online

While there are advantages, using a teleprompter also has its disadvantages.

To work with a teleprompter, a presenter has to have rehearsed the lines beforehand so it’ll sound natural and not mechanical as though you are simply reading off a script. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of practice to sound natural.

Teleprompters can only display a few lines at a time, so as a speaker, you have to anticipate the next few lines.

Also, reading off a screen means your eyes will move back and forth and if you are close to the camera, then it will be obvious to the viewers that you are reading off a script.

All of these disadvantages, once mastered, will no longer give you any cause to worry. As in everything, practice makes perfect.